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Rowan Woodland Products offer forestry services and sawn timber. We are located in North West Leicestershire, and work in and around the National Forest.


Forestry, including woodland creation and management, is the main focus of our work. After nearly 40 years in the industry we are now developing a second strand to our business, processing felled timber for craft and domestic use.


Previously lots of interesting timber removed during woodland management operations was not fully utilised.  We now supply a range of seasoned timber for sale to local craftsmen and hobby wood-workers.

Our sawn produce is milled from local timber with a known provenance, felled as part of sustainable woodland management programmes carried out in the Midlands area. We supply a variety of air dried timber.  The main species are oak, ash and beech, all with a wide range of character and colour, including brown oak, olive ash, and spalted beech. We also have smaller stocks of other species, which may include yew, holly, larch, lime, birch, redwood (Wellingtonia) and sycamore.

Boards may be square or waney edged (single or double); wider boards are becoming popular. Some are planed at a small additional cost to reveal the character of the grain. We also produce waxed bowl blanks for wood turning. Our main volume of sales is to craftspeople requiring a regular supply of timber; we meet them by appointment at the wood yard. We also run regular wood sales; see events banner on the home page or visit our Facebook page for more details.  We are hoping to market selected pieces on line in the near future.

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Email: mick@rowanwood.demon.co.uk

Landline: 01530 811418


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