Pole Climbing

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The pole climbing arena and competitions are very kindly sponsored once again by AUS Ltd


The sport of pole climbing is one that tests balance, strength, endurance and flat out determination. Competitors don harnesses, helmets, spiked shoes and use climbing equipment to run vertically up a pole while a clock times their efforts. Here we look at how to get involved in pole climbing.


From our conversations at events over the years, we know that many of the men and women involved in pole climbing are tree surgeons and work in arboriculture. Often fearless when it comes to working between branches, they’re trained to perform at their best at a height so naturally thrive in the competition. Others we’ve spoken to can work in ground care and landscape design. 


One of WoodFest Country Show's most popular attraction for obvious reasons – an exhilarating display of competition climbs throughout the 3 days of the festival.


With different classes from Novice through to experts, you can expect to be amazed at the times taken to race up the 80Ft Douglas Fir Poles.


Not for the faint hearted, but everyone from the young children to the older generations will enjoy this spectacle.

Our youngest climber will be about 16 years of age and our oldest – The infamous George Tipping.


George has climbed at Woodfest ( and many other shows ) over the last 16 years at the ripe old age of 84! And Continues to climb the poles in aid of Marie Cure Cancer Research and has raised tens of thousands of pounds for his charity.


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