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Laser Clays Entertainment Ltd supplies a fascinating, addictive, fun and safe form of the skilful sport of Clay Pigeon Shooting or the Smart Target Indoor Shooting System. Laser Clays Entertainment Ltd is happy to attend events countywide.


Laser Clay Pigeon Shooting is one of the most popular participation activities for any Corporate Event, Private Party, Wedding, Fundraising Event, Fete or Show and can be enjoyed by everyone almost anywhere - adult or child.


Laser Clays Entertainment Ltd supplies and operates the system at your location, you do not need to come to us.


Laser Clays Entertainment Ltd has fully trained operators who will quickly get you hitting the clays and competing with the others in the group.


Each person has a modified shotgun that fires an infrared beam at modified real clays launched from a clay launcher. When the shotgun trigger is pulled, the digital scoreboard generates the shotgun sound effect and if the clay is hit, the sound of a breaking clay is produced. 100% authentic, except no kick-back, its safe and we can operate in confined venues.


Laser Clays Entertainment Ltd can provide fully insured and risk assessed laser clay pigeon shooting for a wide range of events such as: birthdays, festivals, school events and more.


Laser Clays Entertainment Ltd also has a Smart Target Indoor System. This is great for parties in: halls, marques, pubs and clubs. 


Make your event extra special with Laser Clay Pigeon Shooting or the Smart Target Indoor System.

Please contact us using the details below:


Main Phone: 07773344217

Email: enquiries@laserclaysentertainment.co.uk


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