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Ales brewed in Ayrshire, Scotland - Location Outside Trade Stand

Our brewery is based near to the village of Mauchline in rural Ayrshire.

This area is well known for the poetry of Rabbie Burns and these days farming, manufacture of curling stones and we hope craft brewed beer put the village on the map.

Our Head Brewer is passionate about his beer  and this is reflected in the quality of his brewing.  Our beer names are influenced by the brewery location and the wildlife on its doorstep.  We look out to highland cows grazing, hares, the annual swallow arrival, thistles in the hedgerow, deer in the woods and wonderful British birds in the hedgerows throughout the season.

All our beer is handmade in small batch brews and given time to ferment, mature and only kegged when we feel the taste and quality is absolutely right.

Why Ethical Ales?  Our philosophy is simple, we seek out the best natural ingredients, treat our suppliers fairly in price and payment terms, treat all employees with respect and fairness, make business decisions after careful consultation and pay our taxes as they are due.  We are proud of our brewery and dedicated to detail.  We fundamentally believe ethical businesses can be successful.   


Because we live and work in the countryside, we are keen to support it and for every pint of beer sold, we donate 15p to our Ethical Fund which will support British wildlife and woodland projects. The fund will start payments in 2016 and you can visit our Ethical Fund page to see how you can be involved.    


You can buy our beer on line, at certain select pubs and from our own mobile bar unit which goes on tour to music and outdoor events throughout the UK.  If you would like us at your event just email georgeh@roddenloft.com. To see current booking, visit Tour dates.

Nothing for me beats a refreshing pint. Depending on mood or place my beer tastes can change from Pilsner to a fruity Lager in summer or IPA or Stout in the winter months.


Whatever the beer for me the process has to be carefully crafted: the best natural malts, blended with quality whole hops to flavour, carefully controlled in the fermenting vessel, conditioned until perfection and given just the right carbonation to produce the kind of beer I want to drink and I’m proud to say I brewed.


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