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Trees are an important environmental and economic resource the world over, but during earthquakes, tsunamis and extreme weather events they can cause death, injuries and extensive damage to property and infrastructure.


In the immediate aftermath of a natural disaster, clearing fallen and damaged trees from buildings, roads, communications, power and water supplies is a high priority, but one that's often poorly resourced or haphazardly led by agencies and organisations with little, if any, understanding of the inherent dangers of tree work.  Often, well meaning efforts by international aid agencies to clear and dispose of fallen trees quickly, simply by burning them, overlooks the economic value and reconstruction potential of the timber.  

DART International UK is the Arborist industry's own disaster relief organisation.  Entirely volunteer led, the Charity provides teams of professionally qualified and experienced arborists, trained and equipped to support disaster relief operations worldwide. 


Our response teams help disaster hit communities deal safely and more efficiently with trees that pose a direct danger to life and property or obstruction to the relief and recovery effort.  In parallel with that main aim, our response teams deliver industry standard training to local volunteers and donate chainsaws, PPE and timber milling equipment that will help make their community more resilient to future extreme weather events. 

In its first three years of operation, DART has delivered assistance to Vanuatu in the South Pacific, Northern Samar in the Philippines and the Pujehun district in southern Sierra Leone. 


If you'd like to find out more about how the Charity operates, or you'd like to help support its work, check out our website www.dartinternationaluk.co.uk.  Better still, drop by our stand at Woodfest North Wales and chat to one of our volunteers.    


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