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Artist printmaker, printing on wood, wood engraving, woodcut, letterpress, prints and cards

Like the Salmon and Seat Trout who feel compelled to make their adventurous journey out to sea, there comes a time when they choose to return to their beginnings. 


The river twists and turns, speeds up and slows, rises and falls in intensity, grows muddy and clears. Navigating the river means we respond to its changes, and sometimes we make progress in one direction only to be swept away again. There has however been one constant in my life which is borne out by the childhood sketchbooks my parents kindly kept for me.

I love to draw and make art and I love the river.

I have learned many things.

You will make progress upstream when the conditions are right, so you need to wait for these.

Have faith that they are coming.


Then everything falls into place and you can make those huge leaps. Other times you are holed up in the pool, so you need to be patient.

You never know what is coming round the bend in the river, but you can rely on the stream. 

You can only see so far ahead at any one time, so we make our journey in stages.

 Never give up or lose sight of your wishes and dreams as they will keep calling you forward.


I set up Salmon Jam Press in 2017, but its been 58 years in the making. 


I made my first etching of a tree 21 years ago, and began wood engraving and volunteering in the press room at Cherryburn 5 years ago. I have been a professional photographer for 20 years, and was a Careers Advisor for 17 years before that. I have a BSc in Social Administration, a Masters in Guidance and Counselling, a Diploma in Vocational Guidance, and an HNC in Photography.


I have been very lucky to have been trained for the last 5 years in traditional printmaking (at Cherryburn) by Paul Goldsmith, and wood engraving by Chris Daunt. 

Chris is the Chair of the Society of Wood Engravers and if I am successful in being chosen for the 2018 Annual SWE exhibition I would be able to apply to the Society for membership. I have exhibited in the 2016 exhibition and my engraving, ‘Atlantic Salmon’ is in the current exhibition.


Most of the salmon die after spawning but some of the sea trout live to make it out to sea again.

For another adventure.


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