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Our philosophy at Axminster is to continually look at new tools that enhance the way people work. Saw horses are an invaluable asset to the workshop or jobsite having so many uses from impromptu tables to circular saw cutting stations. As a result we’ve created our own Axminster Trade Saw Horses and here we highlight five key design features.


1. More shire horse than saw horse


Saw horses they may be but these trestles have the capacity of something much bigger. Capable of supporting a weight of 590kg per trestle. Using the pair the total capacity reaches an impressive 1,180kg which equals the very highest capacities for trestles.

2. Work Faster


Easy to set up, the quick release legs also fold up quickly when you’re finished creating a compact design for easy transportation. Each one folds into a neat package just 84 x 150 x 895mm to either stow away or throw into the back of a van.

3. Work Smarter


Rather than having to bend down, the height adjustable legs make it simple to bring the work up to you for better positioning. Also if you’re working on uneven ground you can adjust each leg individually to set the right height. Each saw horse rises to a height of 826mm or if for example you’re cutting with a hand saw, a lower position can be more beneficial and the lowest height you can set is 648mm.

Great Value


Many saw horses are sold as singles but you’ll invariably need two. That’s why we’re offering them in pairs and at just £89.96 for the pair, these represent great value.


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