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Oven/Food based hand made ceramics - Location Food Hall

Background History

My work has evolved over time but the formative years of Chesterfield and the building of numerous kilns and experimentation of wood fired salt glaze and oil firing has left a permanent mark on me. This experimental honest approach to making can be seen in the early photos of Chesterfield and my final show moderated by Takeshi Yasuda who commented on the quality of work and my commitment to wood firing gaining a Distinction. (Exhibition with Janet Leach, Geoff Fuller Chesterfield). 

Wisp Farmhouse Pottery Edinburgh 7 Years

Wisp farmhouse pottery Edinburgh was an extension of the Chesterfield training and was my first pottery producing as you can see in the photographs wood fired salt glaze cook ware and individual pieces. This was a production pottery with me throwing up to a tonne of clay every 14-16-30 days depending on orders.

The full range of the work produced was vast and if anything a little diverse, but the honesty and professionalism was always apparent in the work and in my attitude to the supply of galleries/shops. Please view pictures.

Mill Farm Pottery Kettering

Mill Farm Pottery was established after a move from Scotland and a new workshop within a stable yard complex. The pottery produced a range of Tin glazed utilitarian ware and Earthenware plant pots and garden ware. The pottery lasted 3yrs and I then went back to University in Cardiff to gain a degree in ceramics this would lead to a teaching degree my end goal.

Albania Charitable Project

 I have been involved in a number of projects too numerous to mention, but here is an example of one project in Albania establishing a self sustaining workshop with local people... This was a 14 day project to create a working functional pottery from scratch, sourcing clay, building wheels, equipment and a trolley wood fired kiln and training four individuals. The making process was with the use of plaster moulds producing large scale Garden ware... This was a joint venture with Martin Lungley another production trained thrower and a good friend. This project drew on our joint knowledge and experience and was very successful. Please view pictures.


I have, I suppose been a teacher in various guises over the years but formerly a teacher of Art for 17yrs and Head of art for 9yrs. This has led to a good understanding of me and the world of art in general but the most satisfying part of teaching children and young adults is the opportunity and privilege itself. To be a maker and a teacher is rare and my skills as both have come into play on many occasions both in the UK and in the States. 

My passion for imparting knowledge and experience will never waiver and the proof of its success can be found in the work produced by students and them by becoming the artists of the future. Please view pictures.


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